Digital Marketing

Satch Digital is an experienced and well established IT firm specializing in
digital marketing.

Our marketing packages include:

Mobile Strategy
We will guide you to define your mobile strategy which will put your business goals and users' needs as the cardinal priority. We use the best of evolving mobile technologies,which allow teams and businesses to shift their focus on delivering exceptional customer experience to their clients, thereby increasing their share of the bottom line.

SMS Marketing
We use permission-based text messages top spread promotional messages to all your customers. Talk to us if you want to send speed messages to your clients, introduce new product updates to your customers.

SEO Marketing
We employ the best-in-class technologies to improve traffic and visitors to your website and also help you by obtaining a high-ranking placement of search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing. And our technologies optimize visibility in search engines and optimize organic search CTRs.

Content Marketing
We work with our clients to develop the best of videos and social media posts of awesome and amazing content marketing experience which increases value on the bottom line. We ensure that contents are intelligent, clearly defined and to the target audience.

Email Marketing
We keep customers of our clients continually informed about the services and tailor our messages to suit their needs. We provide personalized email marketing solutions increases sales and customer loyalty.

Video Marketing
We will build a powerful and cost-effective video content to promote your brand, product and service which can engender rapport between you and your customers. Depending on your budget and need, we can live stream it for you to increase sales conversion and get you a higher ROI, and this will greatly build a long-lasting trust between your brand and customers.

Making Web Analytics Work for You
We go beyound raw data and give you insights into your product, service and brand performance and your customers' behavior on your website and social media platforms so that you can make informed decisions on-the-fly and have a high level view of your sales performance in real-time.